Enamel experts

The enameller’s craft dates from the time of the ancient Egyptians. Through the centuries, various techniques were developed. Since the enamelling process is so labor-intensive, the craft is threatened with extinction. Much technical knowledge is already lost.
As a conservator of enamel objects among others, my interest in the enamelling process increased. The technique of enamelling is so unique that we have made it our duty to dig up as much old knowledge as possible.

We have been producing handmade custom enamel dials for 25 years now.
Whether a dial is so heavily damaged that it is almost impossible or too expensive to restore, or if a watch- or clockmaker is in need of a unique new dial, we can always offer a solution.


    • We can help you design a custom dial for all kinds of clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches.


  • We make custom dials that perfectly fit the movement and/or case.
    • The whole process is done by hand, from the cutting of the metal to the drawing of the numerals.


  • We have various shades of white enamel in stock.
    • We can provide ultra thin dials for newer types of wristwatches (0.8mm).


  • We do historical research to make sure that the dial fits in with the watch or clock.