Early enamels

Restoration & Conservation

We are experienced in restoring and conserving early enamels (enamels dating from the 15th Century and older).

Some examples of early enamels we conserved:

The crozier of Egmond, a Parisian crozier dating from the 14th Century, in possession of the diocese of Haarlem and currently in Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht (NL).
When the crozier was brought in, the enamels in the crook showed lots of cracks and chips and contained lots of loose parts.
We secured the loose parts and cleaned the enamel and the silver underneath.

– M.M. Gauthier, Emaux Du Moyen Age Occidental, Fribourg 1972, p. 272
– R. Houbraken, Een onderzoek naar de herkomst van enkele veertiende-eeuwse kromstaven, Veldhoven 2009

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